VIVA! Kitchen

Sonja Zlatanova (MKD/QC)
Everyday at 6:30pm
VIVA! Headquarters (661 Rose de Lima)

Join us each evening for a delicious and casual meal prepared by Sonja Zlatanova, this edition’s artist in residence in the VIVA! kitchen. Offered to the public for a modest price (10$), the well-balanced meals are a much-loved staple of our programming.

Born in Macedonia, ex-Yugoslavia, Sonja Zlatanova lived in Europe before settling in Montreal in 2012. She has a master’s degree in visual arts from the École nationale supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy and has frequently exhibited in Europe. She has also worked as a coordinator and curator for both institutional and alternative dissemination platforms.

Zlatanova has developed a polymorphous body of work that unites photography, video, installation, performance, drawing and embroidery. Her practice is informed by everyday situations and actions, as well as by environments that concentrate and condition the body. In Zlatanova’s work, the body is not figurative; rather, it is explored as a vehicle for the sensitive and the social.

It was during a research and curatorial residency at la Générale in Paris that she began to explore and create with food, preparing meals for a community of artists. Often made using the unsold produce from local markets, the dishes are cooked within a perspective of resistance towards consumerist inevitability, and as a responsible action in the face of food waste.

Presented by VIVA!

Papineau All-Candidates Debate 2015

Chris Lloyd (QC) & Kim Waldron (QC)
October 5th at 7pm
Corporation de gestion des loisirs du Parc 419, St-Roch street, Montreal

In the run-up to the 2015 federal elections, independent candidates and professional artists Chris Lloyd (former Conservative candidate) and Kim Waldron invite the public to a debate, moderated by art critic and journalist, collaborator for Le Devoir, Nicolas Mavrikakis, to which all candidates in the Papineau riding are invited to participate. This event will take place in a professional environment, very much like a regular televised debate. Candidates will be invited to rethink the limits of our democratic institutions and to re-imagine how we are governed. Culture will obviously be a major consideration, but other many issues with also be raised.

Born in Saint John (NB), Chris Lloyd graduated from the NSCAD, Halifax (NS), and has resided in the Papineau riding since 2007. With a politically oriented art practice, Lloyd has been working on the project Dear PM, since 2001, which involves writing daily to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Kim Waldron is a Montreal-based visual artist who frequently uses self-portraiture to engage with contemporary social situations. Over the years, while addressing the role of images and the importance of context, her artwork has depicted how we construct reality. She was the recipient of the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art and Pierre-Ayot Award in 2013.

Presented by Optica

Conference: Quel performatif générons-nous ?

Sylvie Tourangeau (QC)
October 6, at 6 PM
Artexte (2, Sainte-Catherine East, # 301)

Since the late 1970s, Sylvie Tourangeau has created performances that evade modes of representation and favour an authentic presence manifested in a shifting identity construction. Seeking a better understanding of this transformative function of performance art, she devised, in the early 1980s, workshops that operated on the margins of academic institutions. Derived from her own studio practice, these workshops were bolstered by her research on performers and linked to the circulation of various discourses on performance art. This assiduous practice of performance, intensive collective workshops, and publishing on performance art in Quebec, established the parameters of a comprehensive investigation of a vocabulary hailing from the performative process itself. In this convivial presentation, which will be punctuated by interrogations, anecdotes, and spontaneous findings, Tourangeau will address the performative of performance art, the presence of a performative of life, and the effects of a performative of encounter.

Presented in the context of An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time: Performance Art in Quebec and Canada

Presented by Artexte

Discussion: Site, Context, Action

Marilyn Arsem (USA), Francys Chenier (QC), John Court (GBR/FIN) , k.g. Guttman (QC), Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle (QC)
October 9th at 4 PM
VIVA! Headquarters (661 Rose de Lima)

While all performance art is characterized by a particular sensitivity and attention to context, some artists have developed a practice that is so deeply informed by site that it becomes an intrinsic part of their artistic process. As part of this edition of VIVA!, five artists have chosen to work outside of the spatial context of the festival, presenting their actions in specifically selected public, commercial and private sites. During the moderated exchange Site, Context, Action: A discussion on site-specific performative practices, these artists will address how their artistic preoccupations inform their choice of context, as well how they individually navigate the complex and generative challenges that inevitably accompany site-specific actions.

Presented by Verticale — centre d’artistes & DARE-DARE

Exhibition: Somewhere Else

Rebecca Belmore (QC)
September 12th to October 17, 2015
OBORO (4001, rue Berri, #301)

Situated somewhere between the lived experience and the existing documentation, this exhibition is a research on the endurance of an image over an action. “I never paid much attention to the documentation of my performances, I was too focussed and concerned about being present and making the work. The documentation that I do have exists because of others, usually my hosts. Some of this material is good, some not so good. The documentation of these artworks, captured usually by one point of view, one solitary lens, has oddly become stronger than my own memory of the lived experience, especially the earlier works. The practice of projecting these images and speaking of them over and over again places me, the artist, in a position somehow present and distant at the same time.

Rebecca Belmore (Anishnaabe) is a member of the Lac Seul First Nation at Frenchman’s Head, Ontario Canada. Born in Upsala in 1960, she currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. Belmore’s disarmingly elegant works evoke the connections between bodies, land, and language, and the violence that colonialism has enacted upon them. Belmore represented Canada at the Venice Biennale’s Canadian Pavilion in 2005. She was recently the winner of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts (2013).

Presented by OBORO

VIVA! Blog

Fortner Anderson (QC) & Maude Veilleux (QC)

Born in the United States, Fortner Anderson has lived in Montreal since 1976. Known for the performance of his poems, he is a founding member of the Montreal spoken word movement.   Anderson recorded his first solo CD, sometimes I think in 2000, and he launched his second solo disc, six silk purses in 2005. His single he sings, describing the incarceration of Omar Khadr, appeared in 2006. In 2002, he was invited to Genoa, Italy to open the 8th edition of the Genoa International Poetry Festival. He has also been a featured reader at numerous North American poetry festivals, the Festival voix d’ameriques in Montreal, the Berlinpoesie festival, as well as dozens of poetry events in Toronto, New York (St-Mark’s Church Series), and in Lille, France (Monde Parallèlle 50//littérature). In April of 2007, he was awarded the “La voix electrique” prize for career achievement in poetry performance.

Maude Veilleux was born in Beauce in 1986 and currently lives and works in Montreal. She completed her baccalaureate degree in literary studies at the University of Laval. She has published a number of fanzines, as well as the collection of poems Les choses de l’amour à marde, and the novel, Le vertige des insectes, which was shortlisted for the Prix des libraires du Québec. Parallel to her writing, she has been a performance artist since 2011.

Presented by VIVA!

Communications infiltration

Artivistic (QC)

It’s coming. Are you ready? World (War) Music International Incorporated Inc. (WWMIINC) showcases the unforeseen and forward-looking talent of the next-level generation of creative and extremely well integrated visible minorities. Very stylish and overeducated, they combine their under-the-table work experience with their immaterial labour skills, their knowledge of the transit system, the Underground City, the South Shore, and their different homelands to entertain, provoke, and reflect upon these troubled times. You will hate them. But they already love you. On tour very soon at a venue near you. Tweet a picture with your cat tagged #wwmiinc to win limited VIP tickets!

Artivistic was founded in 2004 as a transdisciplinary event that aimed to bring together artists, academics, and activists, around various questions “beyond critique”. Today, Artivistic is in #postlife. Its members are inventing ways to support each other in becoming and being awesome and dangerous together. As a bunch of precarious workers, artists, critics, thinkers and makers, the collective gathers to cook, eat, drink, discuss, learn, as well as to conduct other experiments in reconnecting art and life.

Presented by VIVA!/ WWMIINC

Lecture: Art is Facing Fire

Nataliya Tchermalykh (UKR/CHE)
October 8th at 4 PM
VIVA! Headquarters (661Rose de Lima)

The lecture Art is Facing Fire: Feminist and decolonial disobedience in engaged public performance opposing the 2014-2015 Russian-Ukrainian conflict will address contemporary feminist and protest-based art produced by Russian and Ukrainian women artists in reaction to the military conflict that has put these countries in opposition. The reciprocal influence between theory and practice, implicitly or explicitly present in the studied artworks, is analyzed through the Ghandi collective’s graffiti, Victoria Lomaskos’ graphic banners, and mono-public performances – a protest art form that is gaining visibility in the ex-USSR – such as Maria Kulikovskaya’s performative sculptures (presented in the Hermitage Museum) and Kado Cornet’s political performances. The showing and describing of these representations and performances counterbalance the hyper-visibility of FEMEN and Pussy Riot as exclusive representatives of post-Soviet feminism.

Nataliya Tchermalykh is an art theorist and a Ukrainian feminist curator. Currently a doctoral candidate at IHEID (Geneva, Switzerland), she published Will Pussy Riot Dance on #Euromaidan? New Dissidence, Civic Disobedience and Cyber-Mythology in the Post-Soviet Context in volume 1-2014 of the Gender and Religion journal and, in 2015, published the art book Paysages instables : artistes ukrainiens entre révolution et guerre in Editions de la Galerie Pangée, Montreal.

Presented by La Centrale