DAY TWO: All the Gunshots from All the Movies in the World

octobre 3rd, 2013

I watch for a really long time without typing anything. This is a good sign. (*****Contrary Collective*****) During this time: cinema gunshots, dirt and falling. I think: I’ve never fired a gun, never been shot or shot at (Canadian life), and, in general, avoid watching movies in which such activities occur. There are a great deal of movies one can avoid for this very reason. Gunshots, cowboy hat and trumpet. Two dead men on the ground and a woman walking backwards, stumbling, falling backwards. What if all the gunshots from all the films ever made were to form one continuous soundtrack. I love people who are contrary and love people who are stubborn. (Again I watch for a long time without typing as the gunshots are replaced with some kind of screeching, painful music.) Making loincloths, do-it-yourself style. Light bulbs on the floor all coming on at once. (Time without typing.) Scientific demonstration structures that remind me of childhood, of tinker toy and erector sets, oversized, building a house out of them, a fortress, awkward white sheet for roof and walls. The motif of walking backwards, walking backwards in circles. I think: perhaps I’ve spent my entire life walking backwards in circles. Movie dialog: “The girls will all be after you, and Jack, that way lies madness.” Musical toys marching in single file killed with an axe, knocked off like lemmings. “That was the end of my religious period.” Costume changes. (A long time without typing as bodies are painted and a rock band gradually forms.) Noise rock band is two mostly naked painted men and a woman in a red dress. Baselines, loop pedals and interviewing the audience. Memories of a time when artists had bands. Drone, distortions, chanting morphs into opera, getting loud. Most rapid walking backwards so far, almost a run. Being strapped into a harness, hanging vertical to the floor, levitating in mid-air, hanging dead, as feedback increases and the trumpet returns. This is where the earplugs they warned us at the beginning we might need might be most useful. Movies have been playing the entire time on both sides and now, why now?, I find myself again thinking about movies. We are not at the movies. An audience with fingers in their ears, hands over their ears. I spent my teenage years watching noise shows and fey pop. Louder and louder. This is pressed against the noise show end of the spectrum. Dead bodies on the dirt. The end.

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