Victoria Stanton (QC)

Victoria Stanton (Montreal, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist working with live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. While the outward results of her practice may manifest in a multiplicity of forms, performance is the unifying central focus and invariable core of her research. Stanton’s time-based work includes performance for stage, performance for the camera, actions in public spaces and one-on-one encounters in intimate contexts. Whether participatory, durational, task-based or audio-visual, her work is an investigation into the ability (and the desire) to hold a space, to appropriate and disrupt the quotidian, to create spontaneous intimacy, to tread vulnerability.

Stanton has presented her work in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia, Japan and Mexico. Her creative and critical writings have been published in Canadian and American anthologies and art/literary/lifestyle magazines. Her first book “Impure, Reinventing the Word – an examination of the practice of spoken word” was published by conundrum press in October 2001 (co-authored with Vincent Tinguely). Stanton is currently working on her second book, this time with the TouVA collective (comprised of Anne Bérubé, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton), a critical work developing salient notions on how performance is practiced and on the question of ‘the performative.’

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