Macarena Perich Rosas (CHL)

“I am a hybrid. In my family there are different nationalities and my education was always a mixture. Since I was a little girl, I had many teachers. I studied art and pedagogy in university, and I have lived all over Chile. I have also been to the world, but I always decided to come back to Chile. I was born in a troubled place and through art I learned to live with the peculiarities of my story, and I have forged a pioneering ideal that is bound to the spontaneity of creation. My goal is to colonize myself with a new way of thinking. My performance work has allowed me to face the geography, climate, and the strangeness of light, the cold, the loneliness of a place that is socially rigid and prejudicial. My first and last names are Conflicta, and I live in the XII region of Magallanes and Chilean Antartica.”

– Macarena Perich Rosas

Macarena Perich Rosas was born in Chile in 1982. She currently lives and works in Punta Arenas. Located at the southern tip of Patagonia in the Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region, Punta Arenas is – literally – situated at the end of the world, and Perich Rosas just might be the only performance artist from this part of the world. Macarena’s performance work and visual art have been shown in festivals, events and exhibitions throughout Chile, in Germany and Italy.

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