Kineret Haya Max (ISR)

Kineret Haya Max is a visual and performance artist born and raised in Israel and currently residing in Tel Aviv. She graduated from the School of Visual Theatre (SVT) in Jerusalem with a B.E.D in Education and Art. In addition, she is a graduate of Performance Art Introduction, conducted by Tamar Raban at Tel Aviv’s Performance Art Platform (PAP).

The triangular relation of Audience – Artist – Place is essentially a playground for dealing with questions revolving around personal as well as social identities. Max’s inspiration derives from her immediate surroundings and therefore performances are often generated from ‘reactions’ to the present moment. Although not necessarily planned in advance, in her praxis she collects impressions days or weeks before the performance. The necessity to do, which connects manual labour to unpractical poetic action, is a main source of the tension that drives her works.

Since 2005, Max has been quite the globetrotter. Presenting performances at festivals and galleries has taken her throughout her home country, Israel, as well as to Europe and Southeast Asia. Max currently works as Project Manager at PAP and her work includes creating and performing with the contemporary theatre group ‘Ensemble 209’ and ‘Zaz Festival’.

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LOGO - Consulat général d'Israël (2011)