Jean-Baptiste Farkas (FRA)

“I consider that:

  •  The art object is a burden, it has become inessential;
  •  In the present context, subtraction is a major gesture;
  •  Our opinion of authorship, based upon the idea that there is “one single author behind each work of art,” is a delusion and a shortcut that has to be rethought;
  •  The exhibition is an outdated stylistic device that needs to be abandoned in favour of other approaches such as manoeuvres or operations.

As an artist working in the Biennale de Paris, I propose services through two identities, IKHEA©SERVICES and Glitch. When someone asks me to qualify my practice, I state that instead of displaying art products, I operate in everyday reality. To operate in everyday reality characterizes an art practice that relegates art to the background in order to conquer everyday reality.”

– Jean-Baptiste Farkas

IKHEA©SERVICES and Glitch services are instructions for use that are waiting to be put into practice. It is a story in the making and each new participation contributes an additional episode.

Presented by DARE-DARE