Performer Stammtisch Discussions

Everyday at noon

Four members of Performance Stammtisch, a Berlin-based artist-run organisation with a long-standing practice of hosting rigorous yet informal discussions, have been invited to give a more important role to the exchange between artists and public in the programming. In addition to sharing their individual artistic practices with the Montreal community on VIVA!’s opening night, the collective’s representatives (Jörn Burmester, Janine Eisenächer, Florian Feigl and Joy Harder) will also host a series of signature lunchtime discussions. Resulting dialogues between participating artists and the public will reflect upon a wide range of opinions and impressions about the presented works, and the context in which they are created and disseminated. These public talks are sure to inspire a greater interest in, and a better understanding of, both established and emerging performative practices.

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VIVA! Suppers

October 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 at 6:30pm ($8)

Join us daily for a warm dinner and informal conversations before each and every evening of performances. As in past editions, all meals are made by SP 38, an artist whose commitment to feeding the VIVA! community is a direct extension of his performance work. Healthy, affordable and delicious, these meals are a well-loved staple of the festival.

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Tableau noir

Everyday from 6:30pm to midnight

“Tableau noir” (Blackboard) is a programming initiative aimed at encouraging spontaneous performances both inside and outside of the Bain St-Michel for the duration of the festival. For those who wish to present an unofficial performative work, simply sign up on the public black board. Individuals and collectives taking part in this programming channel are expected to be fully autonomous- including any clean up- and to work in a manner that is respectful towards the other artists, the festival workers, and the public. In attempt to create an inclusive and safe space, any performances not in line with this code of conduct will be interrupted.

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VIVA! Blog


As in past editions, VIVA!’s activities will be documented through daily entries on the VIVA! blog, easily found on the homepage of the website. This year, the task has been entrusted the TouVA Collective (Sylvie Tourangeau, Victoria Stanton and Anne Bérubé), a group of artist-researchers interested in a profound exploration of “the performative” through workshops, dynamic artist talks and coaching to artists in a variety of contexts, including international festivals. Be sure to follow these daily reflections, a series of posts that will range from descriptive to poetic, and to contribute to the online discussions with your own feedback.

Read the blog 

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VIVA! Party

October 6 at 8pm ($5)

Help VIVA! Art Action fund its activities and celebrate the half way mark of the festival with a memorable night of action, music and dancing, including a hypnotizing performance by the experimental band Yamantaka/ Sonic Titan. A pool full of artists and partiers is sure to also contain some surprises!

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Emerging Critics in Art Action Contest

Presented by VIVA! and Inter, art actuelthe Emerging Critics Contest aims at encouraging the textual analysis of performative practices by offering a professional platform to young critics (aged 35 years and under). Emerging writers are invited to submit an analytic account of one or more performances presented as part of the third edition of VIVA! Art Action. The winning author will be remunerated and will receive professional support prior the publication of their text in the next edition of Inter, art actuel (January 2012), as well as on VIVA!’s website.

Read the winning text (in french)
English translation (by Bernard Schutze)

A Look back at VIVA! 2011

The following magazines contain reviews of performances presented at VIVA! Art Action 2011.

Inter 110 — printemps 2012
Emerging Critics in Art Action Contest
Alice de Visscher : fragments de la mélancolie dans la performance
Author: Guilhem Molinier
Performer : Alice de Visscher

ETC  #95
D’où performons-nous  ?  
Author: Sylvie Tourangeau
Performers: Shannon Cochrane,  Alice de VisscherRachel EchenbergMartine Viale

Nudité banalisée: un féminisme de l’objectivation
Authors : Sara Savignac and Gina Cortopassi
Performers :  Alice de Visscher