Marc Giloux (FRA/ITA)

French artist Marc Giloux graduated from l’École des beaux-arts de Montpellier and d’Aix en Provence/Marseille in 1977. For the last fifteen years, Giloux’s practice has focused on the connection between sound and image, on the interferences between hearing and seeing, and the infinite possibilities of interpretation by the listener/witness. In this interplay, the artist impersonates a variety of true and false identities, drawing attention to the suggestive power of names or aliases and identities that openly and systematically refer to film and/or popular culture including easy listening music. Since 2000, Giloux has presented numerous interventions, mainly in France and Italy where he now lives.
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The artist thanks:
MGMG  (MarcGilouxMiniGallery) and Galerie Esca (Nîmes, France)

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Text on Marc Giloux’s work (VIVA! 2011)
Menues manoeuvres d’existence (french only)
Author : Sylvie Tourangeau

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