Eisenächer/Harder CLAIMS (DEU)

The Berlin-based performance duo Eisenächer/Harder CLAIMS (Janine Eisenächer and Joy Harder) creates performances based on the research of ethnological phenomena and cultural concepts of incorporation and transformation, such as the Haitian Vodou, the Southern-Pacific Cargo Cults and the Brazilian Antropofagia (cannibalism). Their performance series Waiting For Cargo and Waiting For are composed of an identical pool of various performance objects, text material, artistic actions and songs, which the artists have been continuously developing since 2006.

Their duo works (performances, installations and interventions in public space) have been shown in various theatre and performance art festivals across Europe, including Assemini, Sardinia/I (ArkaSpace), Basel/CH (Kaskadenkondensator), Berlin/D (Sophiensaele, DOCK 11Theaterdiscounter, Haus der Berliner Festspiele), Copenhagen/DK (TeaterHUSET), Helsinki/FIN, Malmö/SWE and Vienna/AT (WUK).

The artist would like to thank:
Berliner Senat, Bereich Internationaler Kulturaustausch 

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