Amanda Dawn Christie (NB)

Amanda Dawn Christie is an interdisciplinary artist working in experimental film, video installation, contemporary dance, photography, and electroacoustic sound design. Since 1997, Amanda has been actively serving on various boards of artist run centres, teaching workshops, publishing articles, and serving on juries across Canada. She completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts in Vancouver, before moving to Amsterdam. After living in the Netherlands for a year, she moved back to Canada to work as production supervisor at the Faucet Media Arts Centre & Struts Gallery. She currently serves as president of the Independent Media Arts Alliance and works as the director of the Galerie Sans Nom in Moncton, while continuing to maintain and develop her professional art practice.

Her experimental films explore questions of memory, identity, and physical sensation, and have screened internationally while being distributed by the CFMDC in Canada, the Dutchfilmbank in Amsterdam, and Lightcone in Paris. Meanwhile, her performances explore the relationship between the human body and the analogue machine as well as questions of personal narrative and physical risk.

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