Livraison No. 9 : As if All Were Well

Cover page of Livraison No 9 – photo: Nikki Middlemiss

Livraison is a biannual contemporary arts journal published by Rhinocéros (Strasbourg). Focusing on a single topic, each bilingual issue (French and English) is at one and the same time a journal, a book, an exhibition and its catalogue – the journal seeks interventions within the printed space, by inviting critical propositions that resist classification from an international set of artist and writers.

Publication director: Nicolas SIMONIN
Co-coordinators of the issue:
Revision and translation: Marcia Couelle, Denis Lessard, Rachel Martinez, Donald Pistolesi, Marcia Rodriguez, Hervé Roelants, Ron Ross, Stephen Wright.

Contributors: Françoise BELU / Anne BERTRAND / Bob le Bricoleur / Mélanie BOUCHER / Esther BOURDAGES / Sylvie COTTON / DEJODE & LACOMBE / Jeremy DRUMMOND / Mazen KERBAJ / Louise LACHAPELLE / Lucie LANZINI / Patrice LOUBIER / Ken LUM / Devora NEUMARK, Lisa NDEJURU, Pauline NGIRUMPATSE & Susannah WESLEY / Warren NILSSON, édité par Ed JANZEN / André-Louis PARÉ & COOKE-SASSEVILLE / Philippe PARET / Hoang PHAM / Hervé ROELANTS / Martha ROSLER / Bernard SCHÜTZE / Nicolas SIMONIN / UNREGISTERED / VIA / Stephen WRIGHT / Pierre YERRO / The YES MEN

This issue is a special collaboration between Rhinoceros and Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montreal).

Even the most cursory inspection of our contemporary artworlds provides unassailable evidence: art, and what is somewhat disingenuously referred to as art-“critical” discourse, are in the throes of an epistemological, axiological and ultimately ontological crisis the likes of which they have not undergone since the Renaissance. Whether one cares to dismiss it as ephemeral or to suffer it as disorienting, there is no getting around the depth and breadth of the crisis which current critical theory finds itself particularly ill-equipped to analyse or even acknowledge. So what does it do? It continues on as if all were well… This issue of Livraison on the other hand – taking its cue and title from SKOL’s 2006-07 programming, while avoiding becoming its catalogue raisonné – seeks to give a more tonic resonance to that eminently ambivalent jibe. In other words, instead of futile hand-wringing about our cruel loss of bearings or jumping on the cynical bandwagon, the pages of this issue – in keeping with the spirit of SKOL’s programme – take the position that the crisis is one of joy, and rich in potential.

Excerpt from the introduction by Stephen Wright

Livraison No 9


ISSN 1631-218X
ISBN (Rhinocéros – Strasbourg)
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Bilingual journal French / English
Format: 160 × 235 mm in the French style
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This publication was made possible with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Rhinocéros acknowledges the support of DRAC Alsace and Ville de Strasbourg.