Kerri Reid : Material Concerns

Kerri Reid : Bent Broom

A multidimensional and relational project – deployed in the gallery, in the city, and in the marketplace (in the manufacturing sector and on eBay) – in which artist Kerri Reid proposes a reflection on the status of the artist, on modes of production, and on the power of metaphor and poetry. In a reapraisal based on empathy and consideration, Reid gives shape to evolving interactions with objects made banal by their ubiquity and abandoned and sidelined in the indeterminate margins of the urban landscape. The interactions develop through phases –encounter with the object, documenting the object, and ongoing material engagement with the object (physical and symbolic restoration of the object) –, like the broken broom, refurbished and reintegrated into the market economy. This exhibition is curated by Felicity Tayler as part of Skol’s leadership opportunity initiative.