Lauryn Mannigel


Born and raised in former East Germany, Lauryn Mannigel is currently based in Berlin. Her artistic research and curatorial practice are both experimental and interdisciplinary. Over an eleven-year period, Mannigel has lived and studied in France, Canada, and the Netherlands. She holds an MA in Contemporary Art and New Media (Paris 8). Since 2005, she has been mainly interested in tackling the Western cultural dominance of visual aesthetics and epistemology through the exploration of primarily non-visual modalities and perception. Since 2016, she has curated the “Sensory Culture Club Reading Group”, which focuses on ideas concerning the role of society and the historically repressed senses of smell, touch, and taste. Mannigel’s recent artistic practice investigates the politics of body scent by inviting participants to explore their feelings and assumptions when experiencing the smell of others. Overall, Mannigel has presented work in European cities and Montreal. An upcoming residency will soon bring her to Bangalore (IN).

“Smell Feel Match” was commissioned for “Experiment Zukunft”, a joint project of University Rostock and Art Center Rostock.

Presented by Studio XX

Lauryn Mannigel is also giving a workshop, free and open to everyone.