Double Book Launch: The 7th Sense + More Caught in the Act

Double Book Launch: The 7th Sense + More Caught in the Act

October 3 @ 6pm
Artexte (2 Sainte Catherine Est, Salle 301)

Join us to celebrate a double-launch of More Caught in the Act and The 7th Sense: two new and indispensable books about performance art by women in Canada and Quebec. Editors, authors and artists of both books will host an informal conversation about their publications followed by drinks and book sales.


More Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women, Vol. 2
Edited by Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars, and designed by Zab Design & Typography, published by Artexte Editions, Montreal and YYZ Books, Toronto.
Launch price: 45 $


The 7th Sense: Practicing Dialogues / Practicing Workshops / Practicing the Daily Performative / Practicing Performance Art
Written by TouVA (Sylvie Tourangeau, Victoria Stanton, and Anne Bérubé), cover image by Thomas Miau, designed by Émili Dufour and Mathilde Martel-Coutu, and published by SAGAMIE, Saguenay and M:ST, Calgary.
Launch price: 30 $

Presented by Artexte

VIVA! Kitchen

VIVA! Kitchen

Headquarters (Ateliers Jean Brillant)
October 4-7 @ 6:30pm

Join us each evening for a delicious performative meal prepared by Andreja Dugandzic and Sonja Zlatanova, the artists in residence in the VIVA! kitchen. A much-loved staple of our artistic programming, this platform offers the public the opportunity to encounter an artwork that is experienced during the daily communal dinners. Well-balanced as well as delicious, the meals are offered to the public for a modest price (10$).


Both from the former-Yugoslavia, the artists in residence will combine their experiences with hybridization and inverting the nature of the kitchen, a secret and private space that is traditionally reserved for women. Throughout the week, situations will be created to put the public in action as they are served, eat and share food. The menu will be announced on-site, as well as in our daily newsletter.

Presented by VIVA! and La Centrale

VIVA! Vlog

VIVA! Vlog

Website and social media platforms
Link to VLOG

Both a showcase for the festival and a dynamic archive of our activities, the VIVA! Vlog offers a unique glimpse into the sixth edition. Content is generated daily by kimura byol-nathalie lemoine and Mégane Voghell, two Montréal-based artists who have been invited to react to VIVA!’s artistic programming and general atmosphere via short videos, snapshots, and text. By giving space to more intuitive and poetic forms of documentation, the platform explores new and increasingly performative ways of communicating the magic of VIVA! to remote publics.


Follow VIVA!’s blog and social networks daily to keep up to date!

Presented by VIVA!

Emerging Actions Art Critics’ Contest

Emerging Action Art Critics’ Contest

Inter, Art Actuel
Deadline: October 30th 2017

Presented in collaboration with Inter, art actuel, the Emerging Action Art Critics’ Contest encourages the textual analysis of performative practices by offering young scholars the opportunity to see their critical writing published in an internationally renowned contemporary art magazine. Aspiring critics are invited to submit an analytic account of one or more performances presented at this sixth edition of VIVA! Art Action.

VIVA!’s artistic programming highlights excellence and diversity in action art, and, as such, provides participants with a perfect opportunity to reflect deeply upon contemporary action art practices, which remain underrepresented in the world of art criticism.

The winning author will be remunerated, and will also receive professional guidance prior to publishing their text in the upcoming edition of Inter, art actuel (No 127: “Risks and Diversions 2”), as well as on VIVA ! Art action’s website.


Deadline for the reception of texts:
November 15th, 2017
Submissions must include:
An analytic text of 1000 to 2000 words (in French or English)
All questions and submissions can be sent to:

Presented by VIVA! and Inter, art actuel