Jacqueline van de Geer

VIVA! Art Action
August 28

Originally from the Netherlands, Jacqueline van de Geer crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 to live and work in Montreal.

Since her immigration to Canada, she has performed for several companies including Le Pont Bridge, Joe-Jack and John, Nervous Hunter, and Compagnie Mobile Home. In addition, her solo performances have been presented across North America. These experiences have provided her with opportunities to collaborate with a wonderfully eclectic community of artists in various domains including dance, integrated arts, theatre and performance.

Van de Geer’s performances draw inspiration from universal themes such as heritage, family, democracy, warring, and the politics of exclusion. She loves working with absurdity, dark humour and irony. In her process, Van de Geer privileges surprise, and seeks to share the excitement of the unexpected with the public. Spectators are invited in a non-invasive manner, to become part of Van de Geer’s live performative experiences; they are drawn in and addressed directly, as if they are in her living room. As a result, creating intimacy and garnering trust are critical to Van de Geer’s practice.