VIVA! Art Action
August 28

The artistic research of Doyon/Demers, a duo founded in 1987 by Hélène Doyon et Jean-Pierre Demers, principally addresses the relationship between art and life. In a time of cultural democracy and the multiplication of accounts and truths, their creative process inscribes itself in an interdisciplinary practice that strives to resemble the constant selection and identification processes we perform in order to realign ourselves in the quotidian. Thus they examine different fields of activity, productive or not, with the aim of decoding systemic modes of inscription which allow them to create in situ and in socius situations. Yet, a recurring characteristic of Doyon/Demers’s practice is to present work in its own state of accomplishment.

Through performance and participatory devices, they seek to experiment with the immediacy of an artwork
in the same way that daily contingencies are apprehended, within a tense harmony between the familiar and the unknown.

Doyon/Demers have published a number of articles, including the more recent « Ratisser le réel » in Alain-Martin Richard – Performances, manœuvres et autres hypothèses de disparition and « Weaving an undisciplinary research methodology » in Artes e Seus Territórios. Their work has been presented in Canada, Europe, Brasil, Cuba and Japan.