Conference: Quel performatif générons-nous ?

VIVA! Art Action
August 28

Since the late 1970s, Sylvie Tourangeau has created performances that evade modes of representation and favour an authentic presence manifested in a shifting identity construction. Seeking a better understanding of this transformative function of performance art, she devised, in the early 1980s, workshops that operated on the margins of academic institutions. Derived from her own studio practice, these workshops were bolstered by her research on performers and linked to the circulation of various discourses on performance art. This assiduous practice of performance, intensive collective workshops, and publishing on performance art in Quebec, established the parameters of a comprehensive investigation of a vocabulary hailing from the performative process itself. In this convivial presentation, which will be punctuated by interrogations, anecdotes, and spontaneous findings, Tourangeau will address the performative of performance art, the presence of a performative of life, and the effects of a performative of encounter.

Presented in the context of An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time: Performance Art in Quebec and Canada