Communications infiltration

VIVA! Art Action
August 28

It’s coming. Are you ready? World (War) Music International Incorporated Inc. (WWMIINC) showcases the unforeseen and forward-looking talent of the next-level generation of creative and extremely well integrated visible minorities. Very stylish and overeducated, they combine their under-the-table work experience with their immaterial labour skills, their knowledge of the transit system, the Underground City, the South Shore, and their different homelands to entertain, provoke, and reflect upon these troubled times. You will hate them. But they already love you. On tour very soon at a venue near you. Tweet a picture with your cat tagged #wwmiinc to win limited VIP tickets!

Artivistic was founded in 2004 as a transdisciplinary event that aimed to bring together artists, academics, and activists, around various questions “beyond critique”. Today, Artivistic is in #postlife. Its members are inventing ways to support each other in becoming and being awesome and dangerous together. As a bunch of precarious workers, artists, critics, thinkers and makers, the collective gathers to cook, eat, drink, discuss, learn, as well as to conduct other experiments in reconnecting art and life.