Temporary Trans Radio

October 3 and 4 from 11am to 6pm
Public discussion (optional): October 5th at 1pm
Studio MMP, 10 Avenue des Pins Ouest 214
Free, space is limited.
Registration required: clowittmann(at)gmail(dot)com

with Claude Wittmann

This project is meant to add moments of authenticity from individuals from the Montreal trans community into a chosen public space. The goal is to be present in the space and on the radio waves by means of a low-power radio transmitter and radio receivers.

Participants will first work with Claude in a studio and then outside, in public space. In studio, Claude will offer tools which will help to identify which part of ourselves wants to be expressed in this project (this part does not have to be gender-related). Tools will also be provided to familiarize participants with the radio material and to prepare for going into the public space. Outside, the group will work with the transmitter and the receivers according to an intent that has been democratically negotiated beforehand.

The spirit of the work will profoundly respect each individual and there will be space throughout the process for different ways of being, saying, doing and not doing.

Call for participants:
I am looking for 4 to 5 persons who identify themselves as trans, understood in its broadest and most inclusive sense. I myself identify as transgendered and my past performance work has been about my internal depths related to gender identity. If you have questions and/or if you feel an interest in the­ project, please contact me before September 16.

Presented by DARE-DARE