Furtive Actions, Visibility and Mediation

Saturday, October 5 at 1pm
Bain St-Michel

Speakers: Jean-Baptiste Farkas and Claude Wittmann
Moderators: André Éric Létourneau and Manon Tourigny

This discussion will provide the opportunity to encounter the furtive actions realized by Jean-Baptiste Farkas and Claude Wittmann throughout this edition of VIVA!.

The activations of Farka’s services, which the artist refuses to document visually, circulate primarily through accounts of participants and witnesses. Wittmann’s actions address presence and the relationship between the individuals of a shared group, and are constructed from equally immaterial experiences. The artists will be present to discuss their respective practices, as well as to explain the reasons for which they choose to make or not make visible the documentation of their actions.

André Éric Létourneau is an artist-researcher, composer, author and independent curator. He is interested in furtive actions, live art, spatial practices, and the infiltration of art into public space and everyday life. He has is particularly fond of radio-based mediums, having created dramas and documentaries for both independent and public radio channels. His texts have been published in Interventions, Esse, ANNPAC\RACA, The Thing (Hamburg), Non-Grata (Estonia) New Star Books, Lux, Agence Topo, on the Radio-Canada Website, and Presses de l’Université de Montréal. He has taught numerous workshops, most notably at l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris, the UDA, the UQAC, the Chaire de recherche en dramaturgie sonore au théâtre, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the RAIQ, as well as at the artist-run centres l’Écart and Eastern Bloc. Professor at UQAM’s École des médias, he is equally involved in Dare-Dare and a membre of the centres for Research-Creation Art & Flux (INSTITUT ACTE / CNRS – Sorbonne Paris 1) and Hexagram-CIAM (UQAM).

Manon Tourigny is an art historian and author with an interest in video, new media, photography, performance and artistic practices that occupy public space. She has published a number of articles and texts in specialized magazines (Ciné bulles, CV photo, esse arts + opinions, Espace and Inter), as well as having written shorter works for various cultural organizations such as artist-run centres, galleries and museums. She has been actively involved in Montréal’s visual arts milieu for a number of years, most notably as a board member of the artist-run centres Dare-Dare and VIVA! Art Action. She is also a member of the curatorial collective N.& M., whose research is focused on collaborations, artistic processes and cross-contaminations between artists, artworks, and the curators themeselves. She currently works at Centre d’art et de diffusion CLARK.

Presented by DARE-DARE