Marlène Renaud-B. (QC)

Marlène Renaud-B. is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Montreal. Investigating states of in-betweenness, she juggles with the notions of displacement, fragmentation, limits and dissonance, transposing them to artworks haunted by paradoxes and “détournements”. Performances, installations, video and sound intermingle through a low-tech dialogue that exacerbates corporeality. The artwork seems to be in perpetual construction, highlighting an in-between state that is situated between abstraction and materialization, between constant formation of meaning and its realization. Like a structure about to collapse, like a composition open to be completed by the viewer.

After completing a BFA at Laval University and École nationale supérieure d’art de Paris-Cergy, she currently pursues an MFA in Studio Arts at Concordia University. She has recently presented her work in Japan, Brazil, France, Mexico, South Korea, United States, and Canada.

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