Camila Vasquez (QC)

Camila Vasquez lives and works in Montreal. She has a Masters in Visual and Media Art from UQAM (2010) and an undergraduate degree from the University of Chile, Santiago. She has also participated in numerous professional workshops in the disciplinary fields of performance, contemporary dance, singing, photography and print. Her professional experience includes solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Spain, Chile, and in Québec. Her work has most recently been presented at Praxis art actuel, St-Thérèse (2011); Galerie B-312, Montreal (2012); and at 3e imperial, centre d’essaie en art actuel à Gramby (2013).

For VIVA! Art action, she is presenting “La géométrie des chats ou le regard anima,” performed by Amadine Garrido.

Amandine Garrido lives in North Hatley and works in Sherbrooke. She has a degree from the University of Chile and has collaborated for more than ten years with various dance companies and choreographers from her home country. At the same time, she is pursuing her education in dance, circus arts, Qi Gong, Reiki and massage with, among others, Dominique Mercy (Tanztheatre Wuppertal de Pina Bausch) and Claude Brumachon. In 2008, she arrived in Montreal by way of her work as a trapeze artist with the Cirque du Soleil. She is currently a performer for Sursaut and Axile in sherbrooke, and collaborates with the multidisciplinary project Rurart in Estrie.

Presented by Praxis