Artist-run Centres

articule presents an evening of performances at Bain St-Michel, which highlight the work of artists from different generations. The selected artists all use simple and concise movements in order to define the complexity of intimacy, touching on its physical and mental frontiers in different ways.

Monika Guenther & Ruedi Schill (CHE), Paul Couillard & Ed Johnson (CAN), Christian Messier (QUE)

In the gallery space, live drawing with Matt Shane & Jim Holyoak (QUE)

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

In order to explore the boundaries between performance and entertainment, the invited artists borrow elements from the party scene, popular gatherings, ritualistic celebrations, and disco culture as well as theatrical mise-en-scene. Using costumes, props, visuals and sound effects, the artists explore different types of altered states while scrutinizing the social realities that surround them.

Gwendoline Robin (BEL), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DEN), Dayna McLeod & Alexis O’Hara (QUE), Flutura & Besnik Haxhillari (ALB/QUE)

In the gallery space, La Centrale is pleased to present an installation and a ritualistic petrochemical performance by Dominique Pétrin (QUE).


For the 2009 edition of VIVA!, CLARK wants to reflect on voice. The selected artists use their speaking, singing and screaming organs loudly or softly. Whether soothing, melodious or declamatory, the sounds of the human voice possess both a primitive and sophisticated quality.

Curator : Mathieu Beauséjour

Juliana Snapper (USA), Jochen Gerz (DEU), Daniel Menche (USA) & Joe Preston (USA)

Dans le cadre de l’exposition en galerie Le son à des jambes – 3 CLARK présente un concert réunissant Jean-Pierre Gauthier (QUE) et Minibloc (QUE), artistes et compositeurs actuels.
Commissaire : Éric Mattson


Montreal’s multidisciplinary art centre Dare Dare presents a series of performances in public space in order to create a dialogue with the community that revolves around it. Located in the Ville-Marie borough, Dare-Dare has chosen to offer a wide array of performances, which include video, sound and urban interventions. Furthermore, this programming reflects the centre’s desire to support artist practices from all generations, thus opening a dialogue between different visions of performance art, sometimes more playful, sometimes more political.

Co-Curators: Constanza Camelo & Manon Tourigny

Carl Bouchard & Martin Dufrasne (QUE), Katnira Bello (MEX), Christian Bujold (QUE), Sophie Castonguay et Anne-Marie Ouellet (QUE), Adonis Flores (CUB), Marianela Orozco (CUB), Raul Naranjo (COL)


Praxis art actuel gives artists the opportunity to take over public space in order to make it their own, going beyond the usual creation/production/diffusion process. This program revolves around real or fictitious places where individuals and performative events meet, willing to explore imaginary spaces as well as the notion of public space infiltration.

Rodolphe-Yves Lapointe (QC), Audiotopie (QC), Thierry Marceau (MTL), Frédéric Lavoie (MTL)


Skol has given carte blanche to four artists who will pursue their investigations in social and public space throughout the festival. Each performer will explore the preoccupations pertaining to their own practice in the public sphere. Skol lets the artists use the gallery space where they can exhibit their work if they wish to do so.

Curator: Karen Elaine Spencer

Joshua Schwebel (CAN), Jennifer Bélanger (Acadie), Irene Izquierdo (ESP), Birte Endrejat (DEU)

Soirées QuéCan dans’ pool

On top of each centre’s program, VIVA! Art Action is proud to present three nights of performance and exchange among artists from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and New-Brunswick. During the QuéCan dans’ pool nights, artists from Quebec and French-speaking Canada take over the Bain St-Michel. In addition to these events, QuéCan is planning for Quebec artists to tour Canadian artist centres.

Co-curators: Alexis Bellavance et Jean-Pierre Caissie

Guillaume Adjutor Provost (QC), Francis Arguin (QC), Patrice Duchesne (QC), Dae Hong Kim & Chang Wan Wee Sushis (QC), Maryse Larivière (QC), Maria Legault (CAN), Mathieu Léger (CAN), Mine, mine, mine (Alexandre St-Onge, Magali Babin, Éric Létourneau) (QC), Natalie Morin (CAN), Noïzefer (Tania St. Pierre & Phillipe Aubert Gauthier) (QC), Theo Pelmus (CAN), Spirit duplicata (Joëlle Couturier & Emilie Roby) (QC), Abzurbs (Ryan Ahoff, Lancelot Coar, Tannis Kohut, Florian Lassnig, Dominique Rey, Vanessa Rigaux)

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