Devora Neumark


Eating chicken bones and other unlikely signs of love takes the form of a dinner and dialogue that will explore notions of scarcity/abundance and shame/dignity. This action is one performative element of Home Beautiful, a collaborative project that includes plans for an ecologically responsible co-housing unit in Ville-Emard (Montreal). This project is supported in part through Skol’s As If All Were Well 2006/2007 programming and is currently co-directed by Devora Neumark and Lisa Ndejuru.

Over the last two weeks, I have once again experienced the strangeness of how life and art intersect. The work Eating chicken bones and other unlikely signs of love scheduled for Sunday afternoon has moved into an unexpected, integrated and intimate space of an emergency hospitalization. Shame/dignity, abundance/scarcity unfolded moment by moment, from dialogue to dialogue with those engaged in the process of my care and support revealing multiple and indeed unlikely signs of love.

I apologize for not being able to host the gathering at my place on Sunday, as planned. I will continue to work on this experience in new and unexpected ways and look forward to sharing with you results of this experimentation on how emotional states manifest physical symptoms and the symbolic and real interconnect.

Wishing you all well in this harvest time.

– Devora Neumark

Annulé / Cancelled