Christine Brault

(Montréal, Canada)

Interdisciplinary artist engaged in a community art approach, Christine Brault develops installations and actions that implicate public participation. She has realized various public art projects in Quebec since 2001, and has presented site specific installations and exercises in the Netherlands, France, Serbia and Canada. As part of this community performance day, Christine Brault will collaborate with the organisation ACCM to host performance workshops for girls 12 to 17 years of age. Close friends and family are welcome.

Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is a community organisation that works in the fields of sexually transmitted infections (STI) prevention and sexual health promotion amongst the population of the Montreal region. In collaboration with health professionals, the association has developed a series of performance workshops, geared to children, in which the demystification of sexuality is collectively staged in a poetic manner by the creation of candy sculptures.