Congrès SoToDo

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Since 1987, Gallery SoToDo has evolved into a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote international cultural exchanges within the context of Performance Art.

Performance Art is defined by the elements of time, space, variability and zeitgeist. It is an everyday experience. It is unbound by a beginning or an end. It happens. One of the activities of Gallery SoToDo is organizing Congresses for Performance Art in various locations around the world. Gallery SoToDo brings together artists who differ in their distinct geographical and cultural temperaments, ensuring a constant flux of new ideas and an ever increasing range of participating artists who benefit from the development of Gallery SoToDo.

Performance Art can incorporate one medium or combinations of various media to transmit its message. It is the act of making art on site at the moment. Gallery SoToDo provides an environment where artists can explore new means of artistic expression in a noncommercial environment, communicate with each other, and pool resources. The benefits of this exchange, whether personal or artistic, are a highly motivating factor and an existential aspect of the existence of Gallery SoToDo.

Performance Art is an action which is declared by the artist who does it and understood by the observer who watches it. It communicates a message. If it is done in an empty space, it will require documentation to deliver its message. The catalogs, the website and the membership magazines provide documention of the activities of Gallery SoToDo.

Performance Art is an act of service to society and to ourselves. It can and often does take the form of collective action. With the participation of over 1500 artists over 18 years, Gallery SoToDo has become a movement in art. As one of the first and longest lasting of this type of network, Gallery SoToDo embodies Performance Art.

– Theodor di Ricco