About Viva!

VIVA! Art Action is an international event that invites you to discover the vivacity of live art in Quebec and elsewhere.

Live art is a thriving aspect of contemporary visual arts culture. This interdisciplinary, or “undisciplined,” lesser-known art form can be characterized by the essential physical presence of the artist during a performance, gesture, or public and participatory intervention; it is typically ephemeral and changeable, and unfolds in the “here and now.” Be it orchestrated or improvised, subtle or direct, sometimes provocative and uncomfortable, live art encourages us to critically reflect on our behaviour, culture, and contemporary societies.

VIVA! Art Action is recognized both locally and internationally. It was established in 2006 by six artist-run centres in the Montréal region, as a unique platform on which to foster and support live art in its most hybrid forms. Every two years, the energy of Montréal’s artistic community converges to promote, witness, discuss, and celebrate the work of exceptional artists from the four corners of the world. A large proportion of VIVA!’s activities take place in Bain St. Michel in Mile End; others take place in the participating artist-run centres, in the streets and in surrounding public spaces. By offering a warm and convivial environment, we wish to give opportunities to artists, art professionals, and the public to create space for discovery, for both structured and spontaneous exchange, and for collaboration that – we hope – will be continued in the future.




Participating artist-run centres 2013
articuleDARE-DARECentre CLARKLa Centrale Galerie PowerhouseOBOROPraxis Art Actuelle Centre des arts actuels Skol and Verticale – centre d’artistes.

Board of Directors 
Anne Bertrand, Catherine Bodmer, Rachel Echenberg, Virginie Jourdain, Thierry Marceau, Christian Bujold, Manon Tourigny, Nicole Burisch and Julie Tremble.

Programming committees and curators of the participating artist-run centres.

Coordinating team 2013
Michelle Lacombe, Alexis Bellavance, Florence S. Larose

Photographer 2013
Guy L’Heureux

Graphic designer 2013
Olya Zarapina (in collaboration with SP 38)

Web programer 2013
Captivator (Farid Rener)